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To AP Students & Parents: 

AP Exams will take place over the next two weeks (May 2nd - May 10th).
Please see below for information and procedures for the 2023 AP Exams. Please make sure to read this email fully as there is important information about the upcoming exams. 

Students, you are responsible for knowing where you need to be, when you need to be there, and what you need to have with you. All info will be communicated via email and my website. 

Cancellations & Absences:
If you decide you do not want to test, please cancel with me immediately. There will be a $40 cancellation fee. Remember canceling ensures that proctors will not be waiting for you on test day and that we are accurately budgeting for space and proctors.

Students who have an emergency and are unable to test as scheduled should contact Rachael Kobe, AP Coordinator, immediately by email. We will determine if you are eligible to reschedule for a future testing date. Exams may be made up in very limited circumstances; a doctor's note will be required for absences missed due to illness.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachael Kobe at rachael.kobe@shorelineunified.org