Students & Speaker

10,000 Degrees and Tomales High School came together to create a CAREER SERIES for students to gain meaningful career exposure. The Career Series welcomes career professionals and students from post-secondary institutions to discuss their journeys.

On December 12, 2022, Hector Saldivar the owner and founder of Tia Lupita ® Foods came to present to students. Tia Lupita ® Foods is a creative company that makes healthy salsas, chips, and tortillas. This company is unique because the salsa recipes come from Hector Saldivar’s mom and the tortilla chips & tortillas are made from cactus products. Hector Saldivar spoke to students about various topics including his career path, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and provided advice to young entrepreneurs. Hector also brought his salsas and cactus chips for all of us to enjoy! On behalf of Tomales High School and 10,000 Degrees, we would like to thank Hector Saldivar for spending the day with us. 

If you are interested in discussing your career path with students, please contact Elizabeth Cruz, THS 10KD Fellow at or Rachael Kobe, THS School Counselor at