Dear Tomales High School families,

As many of you know, our Principal John McGurke has been out with an ongoing medical issue that has prevented him from being on campus regularly for the last few months.  Mr. McGurke will continue to be out through the end of March, at least, and therefore we think that it is time to provide additional administrative support to the students, staff, and families of Tomales High School.

Effective immediately, Keith Muelrath will step into the role of Interim-Principal of Tomales High School.  Mr. Muelrath is an experienced retired Sonoma County administrator who has worked at Tomales High School for many years in a variety of capacities, including long-term classroom substitute, as well as girl’s softball coach.  Most recently, Keith has provided additional supervision and support in Mr. McGurke’s absence, working closely with the THS office staff.   He brings to his new role established relationships with students and staff, and a clear understanding of the Tomales High School community.

Mr, Muelrath will assume principal responsibilities and support the ongoing day-to-day operations for THS until Mr. McGurke is able to return full time.  He and I will work closely to manage the energy and excitement of the spring quarter, while also preparing for the end of the school year.  He can be contacted through the THS office, or at his email address:  

We appreciate your support and flexibility, and I ask you to join me in welcoming Mr. Muelrath more formally to our THS team.

In community,

Adam Jennings


Shoreline Unified School District