Course Requests


Ms. Kobe will be giving presentations by grade level in the early spring semester to go over the required courses for each year. Scheduling forms will be submitted in class and course requests will be input by students via their Aeries Portal during class time with help from Ms. Kobe. Please see the following directions below for steps to be completed during the scheduling window. 

Step 1: Review transcript and complete credit/a-g check

Step 2: Review all THS course offerings in course catalog

Step 3: Complete form and return to Ms. Kobe*

**Ms. Kobe will provide feedback based on your credits, teacher recommendations and your specific needs

Step 4: Input course requests into Aeries

This will be done during class with guidance from Ms. Kobe

Step 5: Patience and email checking

Scheduling is like a giant puzzle and can take us a month or two to create. We can make most student course requests work, but we are never able to make them all work. If we can't - we will reach out to talk about changes. This is why it is so important to choose back up electives. 

Please be sure to regularly check your email because we may ask you about a scheduling question that needs a prompt reply. If we do not hear back quickly - we may have to make decisions based on what we think is best for you without your input.